Religion is a delusion.

Christians get their answers in genesis, but we say they get their answers in insanity. Religions are all myths that we should not be taking seriously in a 21st century civilization. There is no God. People need to grow up and stop playing pretend with their imaginary friend whom they both love and fear. Take control of your own life and stop using Jesus as a scapegoat and giving God credit for all the good things that happen to you (because you yourself most likely deserve the credit). Have some dignity people.

Answers in Insanity was created by Mal and Tiffany after seeing the infamous debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. The ridiculousness of Biblical Creationists and Answers in Genesis needs to be addressed by more atheists. We realize that many are already doing this, but we wanted to add our own voices as well.

The types of videos we release are: atheist versus theist debates, great speeches by prominent atheists, comics, cartoons, and various types of rants on whatever religious subject bothers us most that day.

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