Here’s the problem when you have a know-it-all President who really just forms opinions about things without much thought at all and thinks he knows more about ISIS than the generals.

You get President Trump’s stupid Muslim ban imposed on a whole bunch of countries… but not the country that fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers came from. Saudi Arabia also has horrible human rights violations and they fund terrorism.

And you get a border wall with Mexico, while most of the border already has walls, fences, and checkpoints. And they will just dig tunnels under the fucking thing like they already do now! But ok sure, do something about illegal immigration, fine. But don’t tell the people of the United States that it secures us against terrorism because it doesn’t. Don’t prey on the ignorance of this population. No ISIS fighters have come across the southern border. Trump doesn’t understand this enemy isn’t some foreign army. It’s an ideology. Your white next door neighbor could become radicalized by ISIS propaganda online.

EVERY ATTACK we have had in this country since 9/11 has been carried out by US citizens and legal residents. EVERY ONE. The Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino, Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and many other smaller attacks on police officers and stabbing attacks have been done in the name of ISIS by citizens or legal residents of our country.

What’s even more stupid is that Christians will be allowed to come from these banned countries. How hard will it be for a Muslim to lie and say he’s a Christian? Trust me, most Muslims know a hell of a lot more about Christianity than Christians know about Islam. A HELL OF A LOT MORE. They will easily be able to pass as a Christian if they want to. But I’m guessing Trump probably doesn’t understand that Iraqi Christians aren’t white and don’t look like Ted Cruz.

The Hadith states that Muslims can lie to the infidels in order to infiltrate them to destroy them from within. All they have to do is lie. That seems like a pretty big flaw in this plan.

All this ban does is make the rest of the Muslim world hate us even more and it spreads fear among the peaceful American Muslims that are here. And if they are terrified of the government and they think everyone thinks that all Muslims are terrorists, they will never report anything suspicious they see in their own community. It also makes the rest of the world a more dangerous place for Americans because angry Muslims will retaliate and there will be an increase in terror attacks. This will probably help ISIS’ recruitment as well.

The next major attack we have is going to be entirely Trump’s fault. He’s exacerbating the problem and blaming the wrong group and this will all be completely ineffectual.

I know. Who am I? Some middle eastern expert? No. I’ve just watched hundreds of hours of Imams speaking and ISIS propaganda videos and lectures and debates about Islam while working on my anti-religion YouTube channel for the last eighteen months. I probably have no idea what I’m talking about.