Theists are always saying that if you’re an atheist your life is pointless because once you die, that’s it, it’s over. It’s a completely backwards way of thinking. If you only get one or some other finite number of something, that makes it more valuable, more precious. Having an endless supply of something makes it less valuable. That’s why we don’t base our currency on dirt and instead base it on gold.

If I am on a desert island and only have one Hershey bar, I’m going to savor it. If I have a crashed cargo ship near the island that is packed with 500 million Hershey bars, I can eat some, throw some away, shove some up my ass, shove some up my imaginary friend’s ass, see how far I can throw them out into the sea, and any number of other things and I will still have more than enough. They are not valuable. The same logic applies to life. If this is all I get, I make the most of it. If I have an infinity of life after this, then nothing I do now matters because this isn’t the true life.

This really isn’t that difficult to figure out. But Christians have a mental block with these crazy logic puzzles.

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