I never really planned to get into politics on this channel, but there’s an awful lot of insanity going on during the 2016 election cycle so I think I can crossover since insanity is in my channel name. I meant to have this video go up in a more timely fashion the day after the Chicago Rally, but Adobe Premiere decided to fuck up.

Donald Trump once again has an outbreak of violence at one of his political rallies. All of the awful people who gather to hear him spew incoherent bits of sentences and say “make America great again” once in a while, just can’t help but beat up and shove around people that don’t agree with them.

I find it sadly laughable that so many people think Trump is some outsider that’s going to come in and fix all of our lives but when Bernie says he’s going to do that, they say it can’t be done. Well how do you expect Trump to do it? You think kicking out Muslims and Mexicans is going make our country great again overnight?

Donald Trump is a tool. Make Donald Drumpf again.

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