I never really planned to get into politics on this channel, but there’s an awful lot of insanity going on during the 2016 election cycle so I just couldn’t help it.

This video is a few clips from an interview the rapper Killer Mike did with Bernie Sanders at a barber shop in Atlanta a few months ago.

I say he stole my thoughts, because he’s saying some things I’ve been saying for a long time. No, he didn’t actually steal my thoughts or ideas. I meant it more like “we think the same” and it was great to see a regular person talking to a politician in a regular setting like this and saying the things I have been thinking too.

Bernie and Killer Mike show us all that all Americans can unite despite our differences and make change happen so we can have a chance at a better life. Too bad a lot of working class people don’t seem to want a better life and would rather vote for a billionaire.

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