Ciudad de las Ideas 2010 debate in Puebla, Mexico.

Debate topic is what is the point of the universe if there is no God? Richard Dawkins, Matt Ridley, and Michael Shermer face off against William Lane Craig, David Wolpe, and Douglas Geivett.

All of the Spanish spoken parts have been removed. This includes the host of the event as well as some miscellaneous speakers other than the top billed people.

Speakers and timestamps:

Matt Ridley @0:00:28 @0:37:56 @0:57:04

Michael Shermer @0:11:10 @0:44:09 @1:00:26

Richard Dawkins @0:22:38 @0:50:25 @1:03:04

William Lane Craig @0:05:00 @0:34:45 @0:58:38

David Wolpe @0:17:22 @0:41:02 @1:02:04

Douglas Geivett @0:28:42 @0:47:15 @1:05:20

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