Aron Ra at the Atheist / Humanist Conference in Pennsylvania from September 11 – 13, 2015.

This is a clip from his speech titled “The Imposition” in which he talks about religious freedom, why we need it, and why our politics shouldn’t have religion embedded in them. He makes reference to the GOP debate in August, so I spliced in some clips from that debate, specifically the part at the end where the candidates were asked what God has told them.

The Aron Ra portion of the video ends @06:22 and after that is just a couple more GOP debate answers to the God question.
I highly suggest you subscribe to Aron Ra. He’s like a heavy metal Hitchens to me. It’s always a blast listening to this guy tear religion several new orifices.

This is the link to the full 40 minute original video “The Imposition”

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