This video is commentary of a series called “Does God Exist-Many Absolute Proofs part1” a World To Come series with David Pack. The use of this video falls under fair use because I am offering my criticisms and comments of the video while watching it.

In the original video, Mr Pack states that you will have absolute proof that God exists by the time you finish watching the 5 part series in under 2 hours. He also says during this video that there will be so much evidence given that you will be convinced by the end of part 1.

He seemed so confident about how he could prove God to exist that I had to check it out. I couldn’t imagine that the proof for God was hidden in a YouTube video for all these years.

Well if you already believe and want to continue to believe, this series is for you. If you are skeptical, there is no evidence to be found here.
Mr Pack begins by stating that you can’t use assumptions and then makes countless assumptions such as “all of these elements couldn’t have been created by anything other than God.” That’s a pretty big assumption.

Mr Pack is also openly hostile to atheists, you know, just like Jesus would want. He’s sure to call us fools a few times because the bible says so. Of course the bible says non-believers are fools. If you were writing a book and you wanted everyone to follow it, you’d be an idiot if you didn’t include a part where you tell the reader that anyone who doesn’t believe the book is a fool as a way to further nail in the doctrine.

You won’t find anything new here. He’s saying the same apologetics crap you’ve probably heard a hundred times if you’ve been watching youtube religion videos.

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